In the nineties of the last century, cartoons were mostly produced using the classic method, hand-drawn drawings on paper, cells or other medium. It was a laborious way, but you could feel the human factor in the films and they had a soul, compared to today’s perfect and sterile computer images.

Zbojnik Jurosik was a very popular bedtime tale series in Czechoslovakia, based on the Robin-Hood-like Robber of the Slovak history.

Very nice bedtime tale series of seven stories, drawn with color pencils on transparent paper. A little girl dreams of stories with figures drawn on her nightgown.

A cartoon series of american production about a cat who, with the help of a magical ,,troublescope,, , could see into the hearts and souls of children and thereby understand their problems and behavior.

A magical 14-part bedtime tales series that humorously answers endless children’s questions: Why do bats sleep upside down, why do snails walk slowly…really…why?

Seven short stories about the forest elf Zvoncek and the fairy Margaret.